We are Chuncheon's English School, Bridge Light, Bridge Light English Language School.

교과외 학습

Every year, Bridge Light organizes English presentations and a variety of special events for experiencing English-speaking culture and learning related to it.

English Contest

Bridge Light’s English contests are designed to develop the students’ confidence in English and improve their potential abilities. Participants in the contests try their best in many areas such as Pop Song, Speech, Essay Writing, Grammar, and Debate and show their full potential.

Test Prep. for Middle School Exams

In response to Bridge Light’s students’ and their parents’ worry and interest in the school English test, Bridge Light offers special classes for its middle school students at their mid-term and final test. The customized classes cover the test coverage of all the middle school English tests in Chuncheon. You can ask Bridge Light if you haven’t had anyone or anywhere to ask questions that you had about your school English test.

Building Session

Since Bridge Light’s programs include repeated reviews, missing one or two classes doesn’t have a significant impact on students’ learning. However, when the homeroom teacher determines that a student needs help with learning due to long absence, a 1 on 1 class called a Building Session will be provided. The homeroom teachers try their best to get all the students to the next level together. (Please note that we don’t offer the class for the exact number of days as a student missed.)

Halloween Party

The Halloween party held in late October is Bridge Light’s most popular event. The entire school is decorated with wonderful decorations and a costume contest which all the teachers and students take part in is held on Halloween. While walking around with their friends and shouting “Trick or treat!” students’ hearts will become full of good memories as much as their pumpkin basket full of candy.

Christmas Party

크리스마스 파티

Christmas has become a cultural event in the world as well as in English-speaking countries. A Christmas card contest is held in December before Christmas, and a carol contest is held on Christmas. While exchanging gifts and laughing happily, the end of the year gets warmer.

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