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지원 및 서비스

Scholarship Foundation

Bridge Light runs a scholarship foundation to support and encourage the efforts of its students. The students can accumulate scholarships through not only their performances in a variety of events such as the Pop Song Contest, and Halloween Costume Contest but also their academic achievements in many fields such as Student of Month, vocabulary tests.

Giving and Sharing


Since the interest that teachers have in their students is the starting point of good education, Bridge Light does care about the birthdays of its students. The kinds of the birthday gift change every year and items that help students study more effectively are chosen with care as the gift.

브릿지라잇의 원생 생일 축하

Children’s Day

Making children feel like they are special, especially when they have infinite possibilities, can be a huge encouragement to them throughout their lifetime. Every year, Bridge Light gives special gifts to all of its students in celebration of Children’s Day.


In English-speaking countries, Christmas is more than just a holiday, and it is a part of their culture, just as Korean holidays are a big part of Korean culture. Therefore, learning what Christmas really means and experiencing what people do on Christmas is not just a light-hearted activity but a continuation of English learning.

School Bus

Bridge Light runs buses to all areas of Chuncheon for the convenience of its students. When the buses arrive at Bridge Light, the teachers welcome and guide the students safely into the school.

통학버스 춘천전역 운행

Bus Routes

  • #1 bound for Toegyedong area
  • #2 bound for Goduri Seoksadong area
  • #3 bound for Chiljeondong area
  • #5 bound for Hoopyeongdong area
  • #7 bound for Seoksadong Toegyedong area
  • #8 bound for Shinsaoodong area
  • #10 bound for Gangnamdong area
  • #12 bound for Soyangdong Nagwondong area

* Details about bus routes and stops will be provided during the admission process.

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