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Why Bridge Light

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Tradition: 20 Years

Bridge Light has been a leading educational institution in the city of Chuncheon. Ever since its establishment in December 2002, Bridge Light has been passionately developing and improving its unique methods in the quest of creating the finest program for English language learners. Bridge Light’s tradition of 20 years along with its prestige as a number-one language school in Chuncheon is the accumulation of endless effort and constant feedback between the students, the parents, and the teachers.


Principle: Everyday Classes

English is a language. A language skill within a learner starts to be generated rapidly and magically when it is used incessantly on a daily basis. Despite this clear truth, most of the commercial language schools in Korea whose priority is pursuing more profit have been reducing their classes down to two or three days a week, which is in no way sufficient for achieving excellence in language. On the contrary, Bridge Light has never shunned the belief of everyday classes. That is why we promise to stay committed to this principle.


Policy: English Only

All lingual communication within Bridge Light is exchanged solely in the English language. This strict English-only policy is applied not only in classes, but also in any other activities such as meetings, consultations, and conversations between teachers and students. We strongly believe that students learn their target language the most efficiently in Bridge Light due to this strict policy. They internalize English as a foreign language by witnessing the natural conversations inside the school. This experience will motivate them naturally so that they could participate in learning actively by imitating their model speakers.


Teachers: Professionalism

Teaching in a Hakwon is not considered a professional calling in Korea. It is neither considered a reputable vocation due to the negative image of the Hakwon which is tainted as a profit-only- driven business. This prevalent view has resulted in the production of countless non-professional Hakwon teachers who constantly seek different occupations. Against this general phenomenon, Bridge Light has been served by many talented educators who have more than ten years of teaching experience in our school. The team of specialists in Bridge Light promises that teaching through dedication and enthusiasm will be given to every student in our school.


Education: Integrity

Educating the children requires true affection and keen observation. Classrooms offer an opportunity to discover new knowledge and gain a new perspective of the world for young learners. Classrooms also offer a chance to shape values, develop self-worth, and foster teamwork for the students. They achieve their confidence and resilience through their teachers’ words of encouragement and heartfelt compliments. In Bridge Light, the children can meet such teachers who strongly believe in this timeless value of a teacher’s role in the classroom. They will guide our precious students into the joyous world of learning English through genuine care and sincere interest.

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