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입학 과정

Course Enrollment

1 Reservation for Consultation on Admission
Make a reservation by phone. A child as well as their parents must come together for an accurate consultation result.
2 Online Inquiry Survey
Fill out our online questionaire. This will make your visiting for consultation more valuable. {English} {Math}
3 Visiting Bridge Light
If the student visits Bridge Light on the reserved date, they will have an interview and a level test, and their parents will have a consultation with the admission manager. After the consultation, the parents can decide whether to have their children registered for a class.
4 Assigning a class and informing of the bus route and stop
After deciding on the class for the student according to the result of the consultation and the student’s schedule, you will be informed of the bus schedule, route, and stop.
5 Filling out the enrollment form and tuition fee payment
When you fill out the enrollment form and pay the tuition fee, the admission process is completed.
6 Class start
It is time to meet the teacher and their class mates and have fun in English!

* Refer to the FAQ page for any questions, or call us.

English Camp Enrollment

Refer to the summer/winter English camp page for enrollment in the vacation English camp.

  • Reservation by Phone Necessary for Visiting
  • Tel 033-243-5757
  • Fax 033-243-8484
  • Open: Weekday 2:00PM ~ 8:50PM
  • 계좌: 농협 355-0010-5646-73 (주)브릿지라잇
  • (24433) 534, Sports town-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
  • Chuncheon Office of Education No. 907
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