Bridge Light students have the opportunity to participate in various English events and performances every year. These unique events allow students to both practice English and experience American culture. Bridge Light coordinates the following annual events. Additional information will be provided prior to the event.


Halloween is the day that ghosts and souls roam free on the earth. Halloween occurs every October 31th, the last day of the year in old Europe. People make Jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins and kids dress up as witches, monsters or ghosts. The children then go house to house saying \"Trick or Treat!\" to collect candies and snacks. Bridge Light students dress up and drop by other classes to get treats from teachers. Teachers also participate in the fun, wearing creative disguises, decorating their classrooms, and sharing scary stories.


Every classroom is decorated with trees, lights and other seasonal materials during the Christmas season. On Christmas Eve, each class has a pizza party where students exchange presents and make Christmas cards for their families.

English Contest

The English Contest is a very unique activity in which Bridge Light gives a memorable experience to children and teenagers. Through singing, speeching, and writing students are able to improve both their ability and confidence in speaking English. Participation in this contest is open to all elementary and middle school students of Bridge Light. Following the Summer English Camp, twenty finalists display their English talents in front of their friends and families. Winners recieve a scholarship and a prize.

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