Bridge Light runs school buses to and from almost everywhere in Chuncheon city. We hope that busing is convenient for parents and allows our students to concentrate on studying.


  • No. 1: Toegye, Seoksa Dong
  • No. 2: Chiljeon Dong
  • No. 3: Toegye Dong
  • No. 7: Seoksa, Hupyeong Dong
  • No. 12: Sau Dong

Busing Rules

There are certain risks involved with running school buses. Please keep the following rules in mind for your safety. Anyone breaking these rules is subject to loss of busing privileges or expulsion.

  1. Make an orderly line. Do not cut in line or push others.
  2. Do not bring food on the bus. Eat everything before getting on.
  3. Do not run or play around in the bus.
  4. Be polite to the drivers.
  5. Never put your hands out of the window, or throw anything out of the window. Never jump out of the window.
  6. Bus stops are like below:
    A: Front door of the main building   B: Door into the basement   C: Front door of the annex

Please be aware, there is a camera focusing on the road in front of the main building. In order to avoid traffic tickets, please park your car in the apartment building parking lot nearby.
    Parking behind Bridge Light is reserved for school buses only.
    For everyone's safety, bus drivers are not able to answer their phones while driving. Please contact the school if you have any questions concerning busing.

Bicycle Racks

Bridge Light has bicycle racks beside the annex for students coming to school by bike. Remember to use a strong lock in order to prevent theft



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