Yoo Mi Kim

Repeat after me - Summer Camp

A witch whom children love - Halloween

Hair style designing - Evening of English, backstage

A joyful time with her students - Christmas Party

Shopping with compliment stickers - Winter Camp, Flea Market

English Education Philosophy

English is not considered to be one of the languages or subjects that our children have to study for tests anymore. It is becoming more and more significant and necessary for us Koreans to have the skill to use this language fluently. As an English speaker, I've learned that mastering a language isn't a simple and easy process. As an English teacher, I've also learned that studying to master a language can be immensely exhilarating when there is a teacher who is ready to help with an efficient method and deep affection. I will train myself to be such a teacher to help my precious students.

Weekly Schedule

Time Level Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4:30 PM            
6:00 PM Basic6 Grammar Vocabulary Let's Go Reading Speaking
7:30 PM Basic6 Grammar Vocabulary Let's Go Reading Speaking