Sheldon Weingust

Who wants to answer to this question? - Spring Semester

Monster sale~ Check these books! - Winter Camp

W.e.l.c.o.m.e to the haunted classroom! - Halloween

What is the name of this? - Spring Semester

English Education Philosophy

As a foreign language teacher in Korea, I want to bring excitement and a new experience to all of my students that I come in contact with. I want them to be able to not just learn but to learn in a loving and fun environment. This way they will want to continue on with their English progression to become a viable source for their family, friends and others as a leader into the next generation of learners.

Learning is a great journey and we as teachers need to make that journey a fun one, a happy, and a special one for each and every student. Hopefully we will succeed in teaching English and the students will want to learn more each day in a caring and a happy classroom.

Weekly Schedule

Time Level Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4:30 PMVocabulary of Basic Levels
6:00 PM
7:30 PM