Karim Fakhri

Okay, tell me your answer. - Fall Stage Class

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen~ - Singing in the meeting

Can you make a sentence with this? - Spring Basic Class

So this is ... like this ... - Fall Stage Class

Hello? This is Karim... Oh, of course not. - Spring Stage Class

Make a sentence! If not, I'll be killed! - Spring Basic Class

English Education Philosophy

The role of the teacher cannot be understated in the development of children. They serve a function far beyond dictating information, they are sculptors. What and how they teach has and should have a lasting effect on the students they come into contact with. It is our responsibility to not only share our knowledge but impart moral compasses, confidence and usable information. I base my teaching on this premise, I give my students a communicative, exciting and hopefully far-reaching experience. My travels have allowed me to learn so much and here at Bridge Light I hope to infuse this with my open-minded personality to give the adults of tomorrow an exceptional foundation.

Weekly Schedule

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