David A. Orr

With Kyanna & Hyobin - Study in America

Thrilling roller coaster! - Study in America

With his students - Halloween

With Mrs. Orr & Cheyenne - Evening of English

Exciting water gun battle - Summer Camp

Debate class - Summer Camp

English Education Philosophy

As an English language educator, I strongly believe that a successful teacher must be insightful and intuitive, and must be acutely aware of each student's needs and deficiencies to assess where that student is positioned on a particular bridge that spans the chasm of confusion and misunderstanding, and leads toward the joyous light of clarity and comprehension. I am convinced it all begins with love. I believe that a teacher must first come to love his students before he can ever hope to have any influence for good over them. For me, teaching would be void of meaning if I felt that I couldn't be a force for good in the lives of the students with whom I am blessed to be associated.

Weekly Schedule

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4:30 PMMastery Stage & Special Elementary
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